Whether you need Brand Development, Product and Package Design, or Website Solutions we can provide ideas and implementation to help you realize your goals. MS Design Graphics was formed in 2005 with the idea that we can provide great graphic design work with superior personal service. We have developed a reputation of listening to our clients and providing Personalized Solutions that get results.

Each one of us cares about our image. This is obvious by the fact that we dress according to the occasion. This attention to image should extend to how our businesses are being presented to others, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Well, that is not exactly true; you can update your Business Image and people will notice you again for the first time!

“You can update your Business Image and people will notice you again for the first time!”

Major brands spend thousands of man-hours researching how to improve their identities because they understand its importance. It is your identity that draws or repels news business. Most major brands have gone through a metamorphosis over the years, a few to keep in mind are: Apple; Taco Bell; The Rosetta Stone (which made major branding changes during the middle of their peak in popularity); Coke; and McDonalds – yet everyone recognized them as being the same companies after their re-branding. Some even went so far as to change their name during this process: Google (was originally called Backrub); Pepsi Cola (was originally called Brad’s Drink); and Nike (was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports) – just to name a few.

Some indications that you need to upgrade your business image are:

  1. Your logo does not accurately represent what your company does by being too generic…have you experienced a merger or expansion of services recently? If so, then you need to re-visit your brand identity.
  2. Your logo has too much detail, thus making it difficult to scale or it looks pixelated, distorted, or blurry when viewed on a smart phone or large monitor. If this is the case, then you need to have your business image re-created in a vector format so it is scalable to any size.
  3. You are looking to attract a new demographic or expand existing markets with a fresh look.

If you think Your Business Image might need an upgrade, then please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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