Can You Do Everything Yourself?

Can You Do Everything Yourself?

So, you have a WordPress Website to promote your business – hooray! Are you able to keep up with all that is needed to maintain your website while at the same time running the business it promotes? And, if your website is hacked or goes down for any reason, then you could lose visitors (and money) – nobody wants that to happen! Can you do everything yourself?

Here are some items you need to do on a consistent and regular basis:

  • Updating or tweaking content on the front-end: This requires you to log into the back-end of your WordPress platform to edit and/or add content that is shown on the live site. This may be easy for you since you know what you want to say. Or it may be more difficult than you thought to actually add or change the content to look as you desire.
  • If you have an eCommerce website, then you need to manage your shop: This requires you to log into the back-end and handle purchases and everything related to stock, pricing, shipping, etc. If your WordPress eCommerce Platform was set up properly, and you had some training in managing your shop, then this is quite straight forward for you to do. However, it can be time-consuming.
  • Answering your contact form submissions: These should come into your email account and you will respond as needed. Depending on how many you get, it can take up more of your time than you expected.
  • Writing and posting to your blog (if you have one): This will take some time as you will need to focus on your post topic, write the article, compose the post with images and links you desire, and then post it live on the site. This may or may not be easy for you depending on your writing ability and how easily you find the images and/or links you want to use.
  • And, answering the responses to your live posts (if you allow comments): Depending on how many responses you get, this can become very time-consuming.
  • Updating the back-end is a process that requires you to update the WordPress Platform, Theme, and Plugins in a specific order to reduce the chances of the site breaking. If an update does break the site, then you must spend precious time to figure out what you did wrong and fix it so that your site will be viewable by your potential clients again.
  • Backing up the entire website and database is a must! There are many backup options available and if you are handling this yourself, you need to choose one that is easy for you to use, and easy for you to restore your website from (should something go wrong). If you choose the wrong backup service, then it can be quite the stressful time for you to restore your website.
  • Keeping your website secure from malicious persons, hackers, malicious code, etc. This is extremely important and depending on how well your chosen security service communicates with you, how often your website is attacked, and the manner of said attack(s), this process can be extremely time-consuming. Especially, if you are not familiar with what your security service is saying, then it can be a daunting task to figure out if they are telling you if your site has been infected or hacked or if they are simply telling you about a benign change. Then you must take the time away from running your business to figure out how to resolve the reported issue. Some services will offer to assist you (or do it for you) for a fee, but you will still have to look at each email that service sends you regarding your site and determine if it is something you need-to-drop-everything-and-deal-with-right-now, or something you can deal with the next time you are managing your site.
  • Updating or tweaking SEO for optimal promotion of your site on various search engines. This can be quite time-consuming and what works for Google may or may not work for Yahoo, and vise versa.

All of this takes time away from you running your actual business! It can be a full-time job to properly maintain your WordPress Website. Plus, the time it takes for you to learn what you need to do or research what your chosen security service is telling you (and how to handle the issues it tells you about). Can You Do Everything Yourself?

You are good at your business as it is your specialty. For example, if you are a plumber, then you may not want to rewire a house! That is the same with your website maintenance. MS Design Graphics specializes in keeping your website up to date, backed-up, and secure from hackers. However, we do not specialize in what you do. If we have a plumbing issue, then we call a plumber…

Maintaining your WordPress Website is something you should not try to do all on your own, unless you a Website Developer. If you are interested in saving time, saving money, and making your website maintenance easy, then have us keep your website backed up, updated, and secure for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us to get started! You can review our current Website Security, Backup, & Maintenance Packages and then reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you and enabling you to have more time for you to focus on your business!