How Strong is Your Internet Presence?

How Strong Is Your Business’ Internet Presence?

Do you think that since you built your site 5 or 10 years ago, then it is doing a “good enough” job to attract new clients? There has been a huge amount of technological advancement since you first put your website live on the internet! Today’s internet is one of the fastest changing environments on this planet. Every day the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that can access your site grows. There are a multitude of types of viewing devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, and TV’s, (all of various sizes) and your website must look good and function properly on all of them!

MS Design Graphics is primed to assist you in keeping up with technology’s advancements on the internet. How do we do that? Well, we build what is called a Responsive Website and that means that we build one site that “responds” to the device that it is being viewed on. Responsive sites are set up to re-arrange the content so that everything is easy to see or read and easily accessible. How many of you have ever gone to a website on your phone or a tablet and the text is so small that you feel you need a magnifier to read it?

Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how websites will be built for decades to come. With technological advancements and different problems needing to be solved, redesigning and overhauling websites goes much deeper than just changing the look and feel of the site. Functionality, presentation, load time, and how they can be updated are all things that are prompting website redesigns on a daily basis. Properly designed Responsive websites are more cost effective to develop because you have one site that can be viewed on many devices instead of a separate site for each device and size that it could potentially be viewed on.

Responsive Site Examples

Have you ever wondered if your Business’ Internet Presence is doing all that it can for you? Some questions to ask yourself, and others, about your Business’ Internet Presence are:

  1. Do you have content that is useful and relevant to your target audience?
  2. Is your website easy for the end-user (your client) to navigate?
  3. Do the colors and font type work together so that it is easy to look at and read (for first time viewers)?
  4. Does the website automatically re-size for easy viewing no matter what is used to look at it?
  5. Does your website attract people and keep their interest once they are there?
  6. Does your website consistently use the same, or similar, elements on each page so the end user knows they are still on the same website?
  7. Does it show the value of your company and how you can provide the best products and/or services around?
  8. Is your website maintained? If you don’t keep the code updated, then it will not perform as you intend due to the fast-paced changes with the internet.

If you think any of these might apply to Your Website, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us today!