• Pure Hydration
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  • PH Out
  • PH Inside
  • PH Gym
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  • Front
  • Pure-Hydration-wFilters-
  • PH Carton 3D Test
  • Pure-Hydration-4-pack-filter box 2
  • PH Flyer
  • Hydro Bullet
  • Hydro Bullet Weights
  • Hydro-Bullet-Red-Box-1024×1024
  • Hydro-Bullet-Mineral-Cartridge-Box
  • Hydro Bullet Flyers
  • Vita Care
  • Vita-Care-Shower-Box
  • Vita-Care-Lemon-Cartridge-Box
  • Vita Care Flyer
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Cosan USA | Pure Hydration

A custom brand design for Cosan USA / Pure Hydration. This project included a full brand design, package design, advertising, as well as print collateral.

Cosan has grown to be a global leader in developing advanced water purification systems. With 33 years of research and development combined with a vast knowledge of global sales and distribution, our mission to deliver the healthiest most affordable water purification systems throughout the world is becoming a reality.

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