Project Description

Why do you need a Professional Patent Drawing Service? Patent Drawings are a vital component of the patent application process, and can have a significant impact on the success of the application and the value of the resulting patent. In order to obtain a patent, the invention must be described in detail in the patent application. The drawings help to support the written description and can provide additional details that may not be easy to convey in words. Also, they help highlight the novelty and uniqueness of your invention, which is critical for obtaining a patent.

Having a Professional Patent Drawing Service create a clear and concise illustration of the invention is important. Showing the various components clearly can greatly improve your ability to obtain a patent. This is especially important when the invention is complex or difficult to describe in words alone. These drawings can enable others to better understand how the invention works and how it is put together.

Patent Drawings can increase the value of the patent by making it more attractive to potential licensees, investors, or buyers. Also, many Patent Attorneys require that Patent Applications include Professionally drawn Patent Drawings of the invention. These drawings must meet specific US Patent Office requirements, such as size, quality, and a certain level of detail. Failing to provide adequate drawings can result in a delay in the patent process or even a rejection of the application.

MS Design Graphics has been working with Patent Attorneys to create Professional Patent Drawings since 2005. We have the experience and expertise to bring your Patent Drawings to the Professional Level! Contact us today to get started!