Is Your Website Chasing New Clients Away?

Is Your Website’s Content and Layout Chasing New Clients Away?

Have you considered the subliminal messages your website is conveying to your potential clients? Your Website’s Content and Layout can cause people to want to do business with you or make them quickly navigate away, never to return. MS Design Graphics can guide you on the appropriate layout for your website content, so that your clients are not unconsciously turned off of the site. Additionally, we can help you determine a color scheme that can promote your business in a positive way. Please take some time to review examples of Our Work.

Some of the most common mistakes made that turn off viewers are:

  • Pop-ups/banners (anything that keeps the user from seeing your content).
  • Poor spelling.
  • Hard-to-navigate menus: Visitors need to know how to find information.
  • Broken links.
  • Complicated or too detailed of a layout or design.
  • Sliders changing too fast to read.
  • Bad font & color.
  • Sites that are not responsive.
  • Auto-playing sound/music.
  • Unnecessary registrations/auto-subscriptions.
  • A webpage that doesn’t load properly on their mobile device.
  • Functionality and load time may be far more important than responsive design. If a site doesn’t work, or works poorly, viewers are unlikely to visit it again.
  • No fresh content; this can negatively affect your Google ranking.

Website Must-Haves are:

  • It must be neat and simple, with not too much visual assault on the senses.
  • It must be easy to find everything.
  • The core information should be condensed in an overview.
  • The website must be fast loading.
  • There should be good content that is easy to read. (If you are too verbose, then people won’t stay long enough to get your message.)
  • You should have someone who can provide you with assistance in maintaining your website – be it monthly, quarterly, or as needed.

The road to success is a marathon, not a sprint. We look forward to building long term relationships with all of our clients. When we do our job right, our clients’ businesses grow. Our goal is to keep your business moving forward and looking strong.

If you think your Website Content and/or Layout needs improvement, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us today!