WordPress is a platform that was originally designed for people to put their blogs online without having to know computer languages/code. People quickly found it easier to use than writing code and began using it for websites that are much more than just a blog. Today, it is used for eCommerce websites, non-profit websites, survey websites, and for-profit business websites.

Many people mistakenly believe that once their website is created using WordPress, then there is nothing else that needs to be done. This is an incorrect assumption – WordPress websites are built using the WordPress Platform which is comprised of multiple files written in various computer languages. All of these code files are continually being updated by the creators of WordPress, and each time they determine a new version of WordPress must be released everyone that has a WordPress website is automatically notified via their individual website’s back-end interface about the update. It is important to update your WordPress Platform on a regular basis to enable your site to function properly and help keep it safe from malicious attacks. Similar code updates are provided by the authors of the Theme and Plugins as well, for the very same reasons. If you have never logged into the back-end of your WordPress website, then you are playing with fire and could get burned.

“If you have never logged into the back-end of your WordPress website,
then you are playing with fire and could get burned.”

Others mistakenly think that a WordPress website is super easy to update simply by clicking a button or two. While there are simple buttons to click when updating your WordPress Platform, Theme, and Plugins, so much more needs to be taken into account prior to clicking them! First you must Back Up your current website, to include all code files, images, and database. You should take Security into consideration at this point as well; making certain there are no corrupted files or malware hidden within the site.

Even though keeping the back-end of WordPress up-to-date may seem daunting, it is designed so that you (the non-coder) can make content modifications relatively easily. The WordPress Platform has a built-in way for you to add images and/or verbiage to your website without ever having to know a single line of code. Also, you do not need to use FTP to make your content modifications, you simply log into the back-end…If you are unfamiliar with how to do this we can provide you with WordPress Lessons.

If you already keep your WordPress Platform, Theme, and Plugins up-to-date you may be wondering why you need to take extra measures to keep your WordPress website Secure. There are numerous persons around the world that are trying to get into any website’s code just so they can: add malware, put up links to their sites (thus taking business away from your site), put up links to malicious content (thus giving your site a negative image), take your site down, or do whatever they desire to your website. You have paid good money and invested valuable time to have your site made specifically for you and you should protect your investment. Having additional security that scans all of your website’s files (including the back-end files) for any type of intrusion is one of the best ways to increase protection of your website. Additionally, the security will need to block all nefarious access attempts that are made by people and/or robots, while allowing the appropriate persons to have said access. Those Security Scans will need to be monitored on a regular basis for any issues or hacks that are found, and promptly fixed! Regular backups will need to be made of the entire file system and database, so that it is available if needed.

If maintaining your WordPress Platform, Theme, Plugins, Back-ups, Security, and Content Modifications seems a bit overwhelming to you – please let MS Design take care of things on your behalf! With us you can have peace of mind knowing that we have you covered. To find out more about our Professional Website Management PlansContact Us today!