SSL Certificates are Important

Why an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. MS Design Graphics offers a range of SSL Certificates for your website. They are used to establish an encrypted link between a website server and a browser. This is standard security technology which allows sensitive information to be transmitted safely. It should be used by websites asking for credit card numbers, social security numbers, login credentials, financial information, or any other type of sensitive personal information.


Why Should I Invest in an SSL Certificate for my Website?


When a website does not use an SSL Certificate all data is sent in plain text between a browser and server, this allows anyone with the know-how to see exactly what that data is – then they would be able to use your information for their benefit. To determine if the website you are viewing has an SSL Certificate, simply look in the browser’s address bar. If you see “https”, then the website has an SSL Certificate. If you see “http”, then it does not. Some browsers will also show a green locked padlock icon in the address bar for sites that have SSL Certificates, and a red un-locked padlock icon for those that do not. However, all browsers will show the “https” for all websites that have SSL Certificates.


“It is a good idea to get an SSL Certificate simply for the SEO boost.”


As part of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm, Google is now boosting websites that have SSL Certificates over those that do not, in the search results – especially WordPress Websites. Google has added the SSL Certificate boost to their SEO algorithm in an effort to have a more secure internet. Even if you are not selling anything, or don’t collect sensitive data from anyone, it is a good idea to get an SSL Certificate simply for the SEO boost. However, if you do have an eCommerce website, or collect other sensitive data, then you must get an SSL Certificate. This will inspire trust in your clients and protect their information from eavesdroppers.


If you need an SSL Certificate we can assist you in every step, from choosing the right one to connecting it to your website. Please contact us today for a free consultation!