WordPress Website Backup is Important

You never know when something might go wrong and you will want to restore your WordPress Website to an earlier version. You ask, “What could possibly go wrong with my site?”  Well, here are a few examples…

What could possibly go wrong with my site?

Updating the platform, theme, or plugins, making content changes, or multiple users accessing the back-end of the site – all have the potential to cause your WordPress site to crash. Also, websites are constantly under attack by malicious people/programs which, if successful, can cripple your site and render it unusable.

So, how often should you back up your site? A good way to figure this out is by answering how often is content on your website being modified? If you have an informative site that doesn’t sell anything, and you don’t post any articles to your blog, then once a quarter may be all you need. If you sell products and/or post blog articles on a regular basis, then once a month backups may be more beneficial. However, if you have a site that is survey oriented, or is a very active eCommerce site, then you may desire to have everything backed up on a weekly basis.

MS Design Graphics stores encrypted backup copies in multiple off-site locations. If your site ever goes down due to human error, or a hack has caused it to vanish, MS Design Graphics will come to your rescue by restoring the most recently saved safe backup! If you accidentally delete something, then we can look for it in your backup and restore it for you! Whatever your backup needs may be we can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that we have you covered!

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