You planned the perfect trip… Surprise your girlfriend in Paris and propose to her in front of the Eiffel Tower. You have been meticulous in planning every detail. You have the perfect spot, a beautiful ring, and a romantic picnic to top things off. You have even hired a professional photographer to capture the entire event. The day comes and everything is perfect!

A few weeks pass and the photographer sends you a link to the photos and you can barely contain your excitement. As you go through them you see some small things you would like to have fixed, but then…there they are…frame after frame. That’s right – straight from the seventies and into the background of dozens of your precious memories it’s Lavern and Shirley! And they could not contain their excitement to be back in the spotlight! With every frame they became more animated even yelling and whistling like they were watching the Cubs win the World Series!

Although this sounds like a funny story, it was a real problem for my client and his new fiancé. They wanted to remember that special day but the two enthusiastic tourists were firmly in the way. At the time of the photos, Wimbledon was in full force and there was a giant inflatable tennis ball hanging from the Eiffel Tower to top off the photo bombing! We sat down with the client and came up with a plan to edit and retouch the photos so that they were perfect. They still wanted the scene to look natural and not void of all people but the ladies had to go. The end result was exactly what they saw in their minds eye on that special day.u with your next photo editing project!

Photo Editing & Retouching (before)Photo Editing & Retouching (after)

Whether you have a special photo that needs an extra touch, product photos that need to be enhanced, or other photo editing needs, MS Design can help. We offer a variety of photo retouching and editing services to our clients.

  • Photo editing & Cropping;
  • Color correction, white balance, exposure, brightness, and contrast adjustment;
  • Professional portrait editing, skin airbrushing, remove acne or wrinkles, whiten teeth, change eye color, enhance lips;
  • Retouch body, reshape, slim, get rid of tan lines and blemishes;
  • Photomontage & manipulation;
  • Old & damaged photo restoration;
  • Background removal and cutout, clipping path services;
  • Wedding photography post production.

Let us know how we can help you with your next photo editing project!